The proud heritage in carob processing is a cornerstone of our company.

Carob Utc


For over 120 years our company has been working closely with local farmers and collectors of carobs to source the best quality crops. Through our long-term network and relationship with our suppliers we have access to large quantities from all over the island of Crete.


After receiving the crop we control its quality and start processing it in our factory facilities. After the fruit has been separated from foreign material, the carob is grinded and the seed gets seperated.
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Carob Factory

Storage and trading

After grinding, the kibbled carob gets sorted in 3 different cuts: big, medium and fine. Kibbled carobs are packed into sacks and offered mostly as animal feed. The seeds get recleaned and packed in big sacks.

Focus on quality

Our production facilities are fully ISO 22000:2018 certified for the “processing, standardisation and trade of herbs and carobs”. Depending on the yearly crop we are processing between 300-700 tons of carobs. Through our long experience, close cooperation with farmers and modern production facilities we can offer the best quality of greek kibbled carobs and seeds.
Close Up Of Carob Pods